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We Want to Hear About You!

Are you a licensed professional with an amazing story? Tells us about yourself or an industry professional you know that deserves recognition and a chance to win a Mella Professional Warmer!
Mella's Engagement Campaign is intended to highlight all of the talent out there. Wether it's about yourself (no shame in self promotion - this is a safe space that's judgment free) or about someone you know that deserves a pat on the back we want to hear all about it.  What do we get? The pleasure of hearing all of the wonderful stories out there.
We will post and tag about all of the candidates! Wether you win a Mella or not you are still a winner by being highlighted for everyone to see! The candidate with the most engagement will win a Mella Professional Warmer December 1, 2021.


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Email your candidate story to Be sure to include why this candidate is so great, what you want everyone to know about them and why they deserve to win and any other fun facts you wish to make public.
Candidate submission must include:
1. Instagram handle of candidate and nominator.
2. Candidate professional designation (cosmetologist, esthetician etc)
3. Location of candidate (city and state)
4. Candidate Story
5. Picture to associate with the story.
6. What Mella Feature would be the most useful to the candidate
By sending us this picture and information you are authorizing The Mella LLC to use the photo and information in social media.
Last Day to Enter is November 26, 2021