Mella 7.0 Kickstarter

Here at Mella, we’ve made it part of our mission to listen to estheticians. After all, it was an esthetician that created Mella 1.0: the first ever warmer designed for both wax and sugar. Mella is the first warmer with cleaning, ease of use, and attractiveness in mind.
Since Mella launched, you’ve inundated us with your stories and requests for a larger warmer. We’ve listened. It’s part of our DNA to hear and meet your needs. Now, you can help Mella get her big sister here to the states.
We’ve been pushing boundaries together since this all started. Mella 1.0 is a first of its kind. Now: together we can do it again!
Introducing, Mella 7.0: the large pot, app-controlled, fully cleanable warmer!
and she’ll be just as cute as her little sister
· Holds approximately 7 lbs. of wax
· Patented silicone skin makes drips and trails easy to clean
· New, exclusive, silicone bowl. Like the silicone skin, it is entirely removable and naturally non-stick: meaning your whole warmer is exceptionally easy to clean.
· Warming elements up the side of the bowl to effectively warm all 7 lbs. of wax or sugar
· App-control capability for your convenience and peace of mind. No more worrying if you’ve turned off your device. No arriving 45 minutes early to get all your warmers turned on early. You get your schedule back!
· Dual Wi-Fi enabled, 5G compatible
· Based on the convenience and technology of the original Mella.
Mella Single Warmer (Mella 1.0) is the platform for the Mella 7.0 model: The base technology for an app-driven warmer that lets you turn your system on and off from home (or vacation!) has already been developed and tested. The beautiful design that looks good in your salon and has a removable silicone skin for cleaning has already been developed and tested.


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