About Professional Wax & Sugar Warmer

There’s got to be a better way

That’s what April Bartlett said when she found herself spending way too much time cleaning the old fashioned wax warmer in her salon.  Dried wax dripping down the side was an eyesore, detracting from the environment she worked so hard to create.  So she decided to do something about it.  And with that, the Mella® was born.

Created by a salon owner, for salon owners

It’s amazing that the technology used in wax/sugar warmers for decades hasn’t really changed, until now. I'm April, an esthetician just like you. I am a solo salon owner in Seattle that specializes in sugaring brazilians.  In an industry built on aesthetics, I could never understand why our equipment is so outdated looking. That's where this project started and evolved into fixing the top issues that plague all warmers on the market. 

My journey in the beauty industry started as a fun joke in 2007.  I was a financial industry professional for 15 years. My good friend and I used to travel a lot together and would get tired of people asking for good stock tips. We started using fake names and professions on our trips which was a lot of fun. One trip we said we owned a bikini waxing salon. We liked our fake profession so much we went home and attended beauty school.  I thought it would bring extra fun money on the side, but my little side hustle kept growing and growing.  I exited the corporate world in 2015 and have been full time ever since. I love the industry and am honored to be amongst your peers as a beauty professional.