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How it Works

You control it.  It doesn’t control you. $0.99/Month

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Manual Control

Tap to turn Mella on or off from your phone

Automatic Control

Schedule Mella to turn on and off automatically creating a hands free warmer

Systems Compatibility Requirements to Consider:
iOS or Android
Mella Mobile App is $0.99 per month 
WiFi 2.4G (not compatible with 5G)
If you don't see WiFi 2.4G as an option please call your Internet service provider to request that they reveal that option. Requesting this does not change your plan in any way or even the password. WiFi compatibility issues are NOT covered for refunds.  WiFi Channel 2.4G is there for all networks but might take a little work on your part to see it.  If you're not willing to do this please only purchase this as a warmer to enjoy all of the other features.  Mella Warmers can be used without the Mobile App.
If you're not sure what your options represent there is a way to check:
From a PC:  Settings/Network&Internet/click on the SSID
From a MAC: Hold Alt/Option key and click WiFi icon in the top nav bar.
Here is a visual of what information you're looking for
See FAQ for more information on system requirements
We Are Here to Help!: