Mella® Wax & Sugar Warmer:

Wax doesn’t stick to The Mella® like it does with traditional warmers because the silicone skin allows any type of wax to just peel right off. Make the right impression on your clients with a warmer that looks brand new, every day.

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Each Warmer order comes with a silicone skin. This beautiful wood grain warmer comes with a slightly opaque clear silicone skin.

What a warmer should be

Welcome to the intersection of style and function.

Stop wasting time cleaning your warmer
  • Wax peels right off of the Mella®—quickly and easily—so your warmer stays looking good
A quantum leap in style 
  • Creating a great environment makes clients want to come back
Safer, with lower energy costs
  • A warmer that’s on for 8 hours versus 24 will lower your electric bill and reduce the risk of a fire hazard
  • Practical convenience
    • The Mella® does what you want, when you want. Having an app to control it means you don’t have to come in early just to turn on the warmer.
    • The Mella® always keeps you ready for your first client
    • See the Mella App page for compatibility details
  • Replaceable skins
    • Change the look, whenever it suits you

Compatible with most single size 14 oz containers 

  • Standard 14 oz size wax containers from most brands fit
  • If you use sugar not all sugar containers fit. Certain sugar brands such as Ke Ko Sugar have containers that do fit and heat very well in Mella. These sugar containers do sit tall in the warmer, but it does not affect the quality of the heating or the sugar.  The size of the sugar container lid is not compatible
  • Temperature compatible for both wax and sugar. Low to Medium suits all types of sugar.  Medium to High suits all types of wax.

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    Can be controlled on your smart phone


    Removable skins eliminates the need to discard the whole machine,


    Programmable On/Off and Manual On/Off no matter where you are


    The app can connect up to 6 devices with unique ID numbers


    Choose the skin that best suits your look.


    Compatible with Android and Apple.