Mella® Professional Wax & Sugar Warmers and Replacement Skins

Each Warmer order comes with a silicone skin.
The beautiful wood grain warmer comes with a slightly opaque clear silicone skin.*Not actual wood*
The other colors come with a gray warmer base with a silicone color of your choice.
Silicone Replacement Skins sold separately for replacement only, each warmer order comes with coordinating skin.

Enjoy elevating your salon environment!

Regular price $35.00

Make cleaning your 5 pound warmer easy with Mella's silicone insert.  It's thin for best heat transfer yet durable. Fits most 5 pound warmers. 

Pro Tips
* Apply a thin layer of oil to the outside of the liner before inserting into warmer.  This will help it from sticking to wax residue left in the warmer.
*  The liner is thin to maximize heat transfer.  It is durable but it's not indestructible. Be Gentle!

Silicone Liners are Final Sale - No Returns/Refunds

Always clean. always professional. always durable